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Nobilla Machine Tools is a small family firm founded in 1980. We specialize in Colchester lathes (new, used, regrinds, repairs and servicing) but sell all kinds of CNC and manual machinery.

The director Mr. John Allibon began his career with De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd., in Hatfield as an engineering apprentice. De Havilland Aircraft Co. was a manufacturer of military and civilian aircraft pre and post war and a more diverse apprenticeship in all aspects of engineering could not be found anywhere in Great Britain.

Moving on from a secure if slightly boring position John Allibon then experienced life at the sharp end in a couple of small engineering contract companies acquiring experience and attending college for a couple of languages.

Finding a position with Colchester Lathe Co. Ltd., in 1967 as a service engineer he traveled at home and abroad where the Colchester Lathe was much sold and highly thought of because of its quality, price, precision, large spindle bores per type and wealth of accessories available. Latter duties at Colchester Lathe Co. included teaching foreign groups sent for familiarization with the company’s products.

After 13 years it was time for something different., Time to go it alone!…….Nobilla Machine Tools……


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